Update 1.6.0 für Marvel's Avengers veröffentlicht

Bereitet auf Tachyonen-Anomalie-Event vor

News Michael Sosinka

Square Enix und Crystal Dynamics haben das Update 1.6.0 für Marvel's Avengers veröffentlicht, das auf das Tachyonen-Anomalie-Event am 22. April 2021 vorbereitet. Ausserdem werden verschiedene Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Im Changelog stehen alle Details.

Tachyon Anomaly Event

  • The entire event begins on April 22 and lasts until May 3, and includes the Temporal Assault Event, a new Tachyon Rift Mission, lower-level Tachyon Rift Missions, and Animated Nameplates.

Temporal Assault Event

  • AIM’s tampering with time has led to periodic Tachyon Anomalies. Have more than one of the same Hero in your Strike Team and during matchmaking! Daily missions for this event reward Priority Set gear for the Hero you’re playing regardless of Level. Completing the weekly mission will reward 1 piece of gear from the Hivemind set per Hero above PL120. Each Hero below PL120 will get an Epic item instead.

New Tachyon Mission

  • The Tachyon Rift Mission: And We’re Back takes place in the city biome. Can you beat the clock?

Animated Nameplates

  • We’re introducing Temporal Assault Nameplates which are animated nameplates you can get to add some shine to your experience. You will receive an animated team nameplate as a reward for the first completion of the weekly mission chain or daily mission that can be used on any Hero! Subsequent completions will not award more nameplates. Additional Hero-specific nameplates are available in the Marketplace.

Custom HARM Room Updates

  • Added two new enemy groups to the Custom/Intel HARM Room - Dreadbots and Airborne. The Dreadbot groups are waves focused on Dreadbot enemies, and the Airborne group is themed around all flying enemies.

Operation Replay

  • You can now replay both Operation: Taking Aim and Operation: Future Imperfect to your heart's content!