Samar Studio stellt The Front vor

Überleben in einer gefährlichen Open-World

News Karl Wojciechowski

Samar Studio präsentiert ein neues Open-World Survival Game für den PC mit dem Titel "The Front". Wir werden in eine post-apokalyptische Welt geschmissen, in der es ums blanke Überleben geht. In einem Trailer bekommen wir einen Eindruck von den Gefahren, die uns auf Trab halten werden:

Über The Front

"The Front takes place in a post-apocalyptic sandbox landscape populated with zombie-like mutants and hostile factions. In another reality, a tyrannical empire has conquered the world and is enacting a global "citizen" policy. Using monitoring devices, a ruthless will to kill, and advanced technology, the empire seeks to change mankind forever. Already stripped of their freedom, faith, and in many cases, life, humans are on the verge of finally losing that which they call home. The surviving members of humanity's resistance are hoping to use time travel technology to return to the past and correct the course of history.

On this war-torn land, players will engage imperial forces, exiles, thugs, and rebels in an epic battle that will determine the fate of humanity. In their fight to rewrite the world’s fate, players will explore ruins and enemy areas, craft weapons and equipment, build bases, pilot vehicles, battle the elements, and contend with fearsome foes.

Danger lurks everywhere in The Front, and players will need to work together to survive. Building a base with adequate defenses is important, but friends can mean the difference between death and survival when exploring the world to scour for resources and crafting formulas, and when fighting off waves of enemies.

A Vibrant Open World

Featuring a day/night cycle, dynamic weather, and cyclical ecosystems, the world of The Front is a realistic and immersive one. Contend with hunger and thirst, fight unique enemies, engage in deadly gun raids, and roar across the land in powerful tanks. Explore dense forests, snowy regions, and deserts found across a map of 36km² in size.

Fight to Survive

Your main objective is to survive the elements, fight beasts, and stave off enemy attacks. The Front features a plethora of tools and weapons to help you, with more than 400 technical formulas to learn. To craft tools and weapons, you will need to visit ruins, occupied territory, underground factories, and other distinct areas to collect rare resources such as core parts and blueprints.

Build a Base

From fixed structures to mobile platforms, you will have a variety of structures at your disposal. Water systems and power systems enable the use of sprinklers for planting, energy for sensor lights, and turrets for defense, as well as many other functions. Set traps that can explore or release poisonous gas to deal with uninvited guests. In The Front, every confrontation is a matter of life or death.

Augment Weapons and Vehicles

The Front features a rich arsenal of weapons and accessories with different functions, from sights, grips, tactical flashlights, and night vision devices that can be equipped on weapons, to anti-aircraft machine guns, external armor, and jamming devices that can be placed on vehicles. Adjust your loadout to ensure the functionality and stability of your equipment suits the situation.

By Land, Air, and Sea

Find the perfect hiding spot in the mountains to take enemies out using a sniper rifle, engage in frenetic vehicular combat along perilous cliffside roads, hear the crunching of sand beneath your treads as you drive your tank across vast deserts, drive amphibious vehicles across the water at full power, skim the treetops in your helicopter to avoid anti-air defenses, or man those anti-air defenses yourself to swat pesky threats that appear out of the sky. The Front features a wide range of adrenaline-packed modern combat experiences that will make your heart pound with the excitement of battle."

Quelle: Samar Studio