Update 1.1 für The Medium veröffentlicht

Verbesserungen bei Performance & Raytracing

News Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler Bloober Team hat für das Horrorspiel "The Medium" das Update 1.1 veröffentlicht, welches unter anderem Verbesserungen bei Performance und Raytracing vornimmt (siehe Changelog).


Update 1.1 für The Medium

  • Performance optimizations across the whole game
  • Eliminated gameplay bugs in various locations
  • Eliminated known game crashes
  • Eliminated game bugs reported by the community
  • Graphical bug fixes across the whole game
  • Improvements in camera operation and settings
  • Scene lighting fixes in various locations
  • Fixes for reported crash issues when loading saves
  • Improvements in interactions with in-game events and characters across the whole game
  • Raytracing optimizations across the whole game
  • Game sound fixes
Quelle: gamerant.com