Timelie zeigt sich im Trailer

Neue impressionen vom Puzzle-Game

News Video Michael Sosinka

Urnique Studio hat einen neuen Gameplay-Trailer zum Zeitmanipulations-Puzzlespiel "Timelie" veröffentlicht, das noch im Frühjahr 2020 für den PC (Steam) erscheinen wird.

Features von Timelie

  • Timelie is an adventure through time, which every precise moment of action is crucial. Use your abilities to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of this abstract world.
  • Foresee and Rewind: With Timeline, player can control time of game like any media player. Drag left to rewind time to the past and undo your actions. Drag right to seek the future and gain the information to change your past.
  • Single Player Cooperative: Plan actions for both of your characters simultaneously on timeline, gives a coop gameplay experience in single player game like never before.
  • Abstract World: Guides a lost girl and a companion cat travelling across vibrant, surreal and abstract realms. Manipulate time to uncover hidden secrets and get both of them get back home.