Day-One-Update für Trials of Mana

Verschiedene Dash-Methoden & Bugfixes

News Michael Sosinka

"Trials of Mana" wird ein Day-One-Update (Version 1.01) bekommen, das eine Option für mehrere Dash-Methoden sowie verschiedene Bugfixes enthält. Trials of Mana" wird am 24. April 2020 für den PC, die PlayStation 4 und die Nintendo Switch erscheinen.


Version 1.01 - Trials of Mana

  • Added the “Dash Method” option – This allows you to choose from one of the following three dash methods:
  • Normal – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. To return to normal speed, either press the button again, stop moving, or enter battle.
  • Continuous – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. Return to normal speed is only possible by pressing the button again. Otherwise, you will remain in the dash state even after you stop and move again, or after the end of a battle.
  • Automatic – Automatically enters the dash state after one second of movement.
  • Minor bug fixes, etc.
  • (The PC version does not include this update in the base product. It will still need to download and apply the update after the base product has been installed.)