Unsung Story erscheint zuerst im PC-Early-Access

Trailer zum Taktik-RPG

News Video Michael Sosinka

Little Orbit hat einen Early-Access-Trailer für das taktische Rollenspiel "Unsung Story" veröffentlicht, das von Yasumi Matsunod designt wurde. Der PC-Early-Access auf Steam soll zirken 1 1/2 Jahre dauern, wobei noch kein Termin genannt wurde.

Features von Unsung Story

  • Epic Storyline – Explore an all new magical world created by master designer Yasumi Matsuno. Play six chapters in non-linear order alongside iconic story characters on both sides of a 77-year War.
  • Musical Magic – Cast spells through songs and coordinated “Harmony” songbook game play.
  • Mission Diversity – Engage in 45 diverse missions where none of them look or play the same way.
  • Deep Progression – Mix and match your units across 20 jobs with over 150+ unique abilities.
  • Unit Customization – Solve side quests to collect new options for race, faces, hair, and colors to control the look of all your units.
  • Incredible Soundtrack – Listen to an all-new, musical score by world renown composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.