PC-Update für Warhammer: Vermintide 2 verfügbar

Neue Map enthalten

News Michael Sosinka

Das dritte und finale Kapitel von "Curse of Drachenfels" wurde für die Spieler von "Warhammer: Vermintide 2" veröffentlicht. Der Entwickler FatShark hat das passende PC-Update zur Verfügung gestellt, das die neue "Enchanter's Lair"-Map und mehr enthält (siehe Changelog).



  • New Map: Enchanter's Lair
  • A batch of Weapon Skins added to Lohner's Emporium. These may be familiar to some players just previously not available via the store.

Level Fixes

Righteous Stand

  • Fixed an issue where the end event would be super bright once the Twitch-mode Darkness mutator expired.

Old Haunts

  • Fixed some spots where players could get stuck, also where they might 'slip' off the map.
  • Fixed some illogical player respawn issues.
  • Fixed some culling issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players who joined after the gargoyle head puzzle is complete would instantly complete the 'Ahead Of Time' challenge criteria.

Taal's Horn Keep

  • Fixed some floating props.
  • Fixed performance issue in HUD.


  • Fixed culling issues in various Weaves types.
  • Bots could sometimes remain dead if they died before the Arena and not be available for rescue within the Arena. This shouldn't be possible now.

General Fixes and Tweaks

  • Added delay on kill volumes so people with bad connection wouldn't die from touching it when they get extrapolated under the floor on server side. This should dramatically reduce those heart attack moments. Let us know if you experience them still, and specifically where you do if you do.
  • Torches can now block arrows.
  • Reikland Reaper - Durations are now refreshed when procced again.
  • Added a notification for the host that a party member is not eligible for a particular Deed, whilst before it would start the Deed and silently kick the ineligable player.
  • Fixed a LOD issue that could cause the Ravaged Art pickups to be hidden in very particular situations.
  • We've made changes so the chat doesn't take mouse wheel input if it's not focused, before it would scroll when it was visible. Chat will now always scroll all the way down when it is unfocused.
  • Fixed quickplay stats sometimes not getting incremented after finishing quickplay game.
  • Fixed an exploit where items could be duplicated into the Salvage window.
  • Fixed various crashes.