Update 1.2.0 für Wasteland 3 zum Download

Balancing-Anpassungen & Bugfixes

News Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler InXile Entertainment hat das Update 1.2.0 für "Wasteland 3" veröffentlicht, das viele Balancing-Anpassungen und Bugfixes enthält.



  • Balance changes have adjusted some core systems to ensure a true wasteland experience. Developer commentary is included below from David Rogers to help explain the thought process and intentions behind the changes.
  • We finally resolved the issue that could cause the two starting Rangers’ attributes to go into the negative. Thanks to everyone who had to deal with this for your patience.
  • We resolved a few progression blockers which were giving some of you grief, including the Yuma County Speedway door and Little Hell gondola.
  • The incredibly annoying slamming-into-cover issue is now addressed! If you still want your controller to vibrate endlessly we hear there are apps for that.
  • [PC/Xbox] Brazilian Portuguese and Italian subtitles are now available! Note: These additional subtitles are expected to be available on PlayStation by early next year.

Den kompletten Changelog findet man auf der offiziellen Seite.