Neues System-Update für Xbox One veröffentlicht

Probleme werden behoben

News Michael Sosinka

Microsoft hat ein neues neues System-Update für die Xbox One veröffentlicht, das sich um diverse Probleme kümmert und die Wi-Fi-Performance auf der Xbox One S sowie der Xbox One X verbessert. Grosse neue Features sind nicht an Bord. Der Changelog liefert die Details.


System-Update für Xbox One vom 22. Januar 2018


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented users from pressing B to go back when navigating the Store.

Privacy & online safety

  • Resolved an issue that caused child accounts with family restrictions to retain the restrictions after graduating to an adult account.

Party chat

  • Resolved an issue that caused some users to lose party chat audio and voice quality fixes.


  • AVRs with HDMI-passthrough should no longer break Dolby Atmos for home theater if the TV and console are turned on before the AVR.


  • Wi-Fi firmware updates for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X improves wireless performance and reliability.
  • Resolved an issue that omitted certain wireless networks when scanning for available wireless networks.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused unexpected network disconnections when using a wireless connection.