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erneute Gerüchte - Xbox360+

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Nachdem bereits letzte Woche Gerüchte bezüglich der optischen Komponenten und einem Xbox360 Update die Runde machten, kommt nun ein Hinweis auf die Xbox360 von Entwicklerseite.

Gemäss "Xbox Evolved" erwähnte Entwickler Ryan Geiss auf seinem Entwickler-Blog die "Xbox 360+".

Bei der nachfolgenden Kontaktaufnahme wurde das "plus" damit erklärt, dass Geiss sich lediglich vertippt habe. Kurze Zeit später erhielt "Xbox Evolved" erneut Post mit einem Dementi:

X360+ as MS said already will be re-launch. Re-launch not because they added motion support but to cut from famous RRODs, E74 etc. They are planning to do it like sony did with PSP - you know PSP-3000 AND PSPgo - similar possibilities yet 2 different SKUs.

About "more than a console" - its just PR bullshit so don't think about it much. Hype is wanted, that's all.

Of course x+ will use a redefined mobo to make sure launch consoles will be working and continue to stay working. Oh - all possibilities of X+ (incl. new dashboard) will be possible to previous X owners.

x+ might get few movies (and/or music) on the hdd or free voucher to dl/stream them to the console (to make sure "not only a console" bullshit will be more real) but thats the no.3 topic right now. (no.2 is blu-ray cause of the pressure from media/customers).