Xbox 360

Das kommt alles neu für das Xbox Dashboard am Ende des Sommers


Microsoft bringt jedes Jahr mindestens ein grosses Update für das Xbox Dashboard, welches erst letztes Jahr eine Generalüberholung erhalten hat. Erneut werden viele neue Features hinzugefügt.

Hier die Daten in englisch:

  • Avatar Marketplace
  • Clothing (including Props and Awardables)
  • Games on Demand
  • Purchase using Microsoft Points, direct debit, or credit card.
  • Game manuals for Games on Demand titles can be viewed, downloaded or printed on
  • Games link to the Xbox Live account, so titles can be deleted and re-downloaded.
  • User Ratings - Every game on the Xbox Live Games Marketplace can be rated in a 5-star system.
  • Top Rated games will be added to the Browse All category of the Xbox Live Games Marketplace, so that players can find the highest-rated titles.
  • Xbox LIVE Parties - Party Reconnections – If you are accidently disconnected from your party, Xbox LIVE will automatically reconnect you.
  • Streamlined Party Invites – Invites are now just one click away! No need to click through multiple screens to get all your friends together.
  • Gold Member Veterans – Xbox Live Gold members will receive time stamps on their GamerCard telling people how long they’ve been a Gold member.
  • Indie Games – Xbox Live Community Games is to be renamed Xbox Live Indie Games.
  • Achievement Browser – The achievements browser ensures it’s easier to read through all the achievements while playing a game, with the additional option of now being able to launch a game directly from the browser.
  • Achievement Tracking – This is a new feature in the profile panel which includes as summary of Achievements earned across all games played and also shows all the player’s completed games.
  • Streamlined Navigation – Additional entry points added in the dashboard for the likes of Active Downloads, redeeming codes, recovering GamerTags and more.
  • Voice Messages – If no audio is detected when sending a voice message, a warning will pop-up, ensuring no more blank voice messages are sent.
  • Friends List Sorting – Friends can be found and sorted by activity, GamerTag or online status by pressing the Y button.
    Memory – Time stamps now appear in the memory area, which particular handy when managing saved games.
  • Account Management - Subscription Notification – If your Xbox LIVE subscription is about to run out, you will now be notified when you sign into Xbox LIVE.
  • Updates for Invalid Windows Live IDs – If the Windows Live ID you provided has expired, you will now be prompted to update it the next time you sign into Xbox LIVE.
  • Account recovery – We've enhanced the account recovery process to make it faster and more reliable.

Features wie Facebook, Twitter und Last.FM werden bei dem Update ende Sommer, noch nicht enthalten sein.