Aion-Fehler erschuf Trillionäre


Ein Serverfehler, der heute bei NCSoft auftrat, hatte sehr interessante Auswirkungen. Einige Spieler des Servers Azphel erhielten im Rahmen des Fehlers über 30 Trillionen Kinah.

Der Community Manager Tamat gab folgendes Statement zu diesem Fehler ab:

"Earlier today we began two receive reports that a small number of players on the Azphel server had received more than 30 trillion Kinah as part of a reward glitch. Since that time, we've brought down the Azphel server and have been working two Diligently identify how to restore economic stability. We've made the decision two rollback the Azphel server data to 6:00 am CST this morning and will continue two monitor all servers for related disorders."