DLCs für A Hat in Time auch auf Xbox One & PS4

Kleines Next-Gen-Upgrade geplant

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler Gears for Breakfast hat angekündigt, dass die beiden DLCs "Seal the Deal" und "Nyakuza Metro" am 31. März 2021 auch für "A Hat in Time" auf Xbox One und PlayStation 4 erscheinen werden. Zusätzlich wird der 3D-Plattformer auf Xbox Series X/S und PlayStation 5 eine Darstellung mit 60 FPS unterstützen.


Seal the Deal

  • An all-new chapter: The Arctic Cruise
  • A new incredibly difficult mode: Death Wish
  • Local split-screen co-op (free for everyone)
  • Six new Time Rifts
  • A ton of outfits, flairs, dyes, and camera filters
  • The Arctic Cruise requires 35 Time Pieces to access. Death Wish requires 27 Time Pieces to access.
  • Death Wish is exceptionally, brutally difficult. Please take this into account when considering this downloadable content.
  • Local split-screen co-op is released as a free update alongside “Seal the Deal,” free for everyone.

Nyakuza Metro

  • 10 new Time Pieces
  • Stickers! Stickers can be attached to your weapon, used with the Camera Badge, or as emotes
  • A new weapon: The Baseball Bat
  • A new Purple Time Rift: Rumbi Factory
  • New flairs, including the Nyakuza Mask, Burger Cap, Artistic Vision, and more
  • Two new camera filters
  • Three new badges
  • Over 20 new dyes, including Wireframe, Pizza Time, and more