Anthology of Fear in Arbeit

Psychologischer Horror für PC & Switch

News Video Michael Sosinka

Das psychologische First-Person-Horror-Game "Anthology of Fear" erzählt drei voneinander unabhängige Geschichten.

Der Publisher Ultimate Games und der Entwickler RG Crew haben das psychologische First-Person-Horror-Game "Anthology of Fear" in der Mache, das aus drei Geschichten besteht, die nicht miteinander verbunden sind. "Anthology of Fear" wird im ersten Quartal 2020 für den PC erscheinen. Die Switch folgt einige Monate später. Ausserdem ist ein Trailer verfügbar.

Features von Anthology of Fear

  • Three unique stories - each of them is different locations and different from each previous style of the game.
  • Gameplay deriving solutions from the classics of the genre - do not expect simple and boring jumpscare. The mood of the game is built here by the atmosphere.
  • Psychologic horror - nothing that surrounds you must be obvious. Get deeper into the symbolism of the threads of history and get to know what really happened.
  • Exploration motivated by a story - the story will force you to explore each of the worlds of the game. Get to know all the stories and the laws that govern them.