Arc of Alchemist im Westen verschoben

Release Anfang 2020

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Idea Factory International hat angekündigt, dass das Rollenspiel "Arc of Alchemist" erst Anfang 2020 in Nordamerika und Europa für die PlayStation 4 erscheinen wird. Ob die Switch-Version bei uns veröffentlicht wird, wurde bisher nicht verraten. Ansonsten ist ein neuer Trailer verfügbar.

Features von Arc of Alchemist

  • Four Orbs to Rule Them All – Unleash the power of the Lunagear and control the Orb elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Take advantage of your enemies’ elemental weaknesses and even combine any of the four elements for stronger attacks!
  • Hack n’ Slasher Flicks – With a myriad of weapons, actions, skills and elemental attacks to customize, players can find different strategies to defeat their robotic nemesis!
  • Now Let’s Get In Formation – Fight alongside Quinn and your two party members as they explore the endless desert, filled with ancient, robotic foes. Each character has specific roles and arranging your formation is key!
  • Ace of Bases – Build your base and choose facilities to upgrade your party’s needs! Equip your allies with a flurry of weapons and input their action commands to your strategic liking!