Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ist gestartet

Server-Probleme & Changelog für Day-One-Update

News Michael Sosinka

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" ist gestartet und die Entwickler haben bereits Veränderungen an dem Spiel vorgenommen.


"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" ist in der Nacht live gegangen und wie berichtet wird, gab es vor allem in den ersten Stunden die erwarteten Server-Probleme, die zum Beispiel Logins verhinderten. Momentan scheinen die Server allerdings wieder stabil zu laufen. Man darf aber auf das Wochenende gespannt sein.

Weiterhin hat Infinity Ward den Changelog für das Day-One-Update veröffentlicht, das einige Verbesserungen und Anpassungen vornimmt. Zudem wurden die Nacht-Karten aus der Rotation entfernt, doch die Entwickler wollen sie später in einer separaten Playlist zurückbringen.


  • Screen tearing on character and weapon models on Xbox
  • Impact damage of lethals/tacticals and the ammo box were causing instant kills
  • Adjustments to the descriptions in Gunsmith
  • Fix for a bug where the wrong input would be shown for players in a party
  • Fix for a bug where a door could open in the opposite direction of the player’s movement
  • Footsteps – Footstep tuning of volume fall off distance, mixing volume and occlusion settings
  • Placing Deployable Cover on stairs could prevent teammates from being able to mantle or crouch under, blocking paths
  • Various audio tuning and fixes for executions and weapons
  • Players were able to spam the crouch button while moving creating a ‘snaking’ effect.

Spawning in Core Multiplayer

  • Fixed edge case scenarios with spawning on enemies
  • Adjusted spawn logic to improve spawn quality. We’ve also added more spawns to increase your options. We will continue to improve this map by map post-launch

Ground War

  • Added more fallback spawns to FOBs if the flag has too many enemies
  • Improved safety checking for spawning on Squadmates (is still dangerous, but the UI will notify you of this!)
  • Added spawning on Squadmates while in vehicles
  • Neutral tanks and helicopters now show up in the Spawn Selection screen
  • Helicopters now have flares to help manage incoming missiles
  • If all flags are captured by one team, you’ll go into Defcon to win so protect those flags!
  • Fix for an exploit that was allowing players (and therefore teammates) to spawn under the map


  • Brightened characters in dark areas across many maps

Low Health Visuals

  • Now brightens up in the middle of the screen instead of darkening

Weapon Balance

  • In general, weapons received a lot of love since the Beta. Most notably shotguns and pistols.


  • Enemy claymores now have larger, visible lasers
  • Reviving a teammate near a friendly claymore could cause the claymore to explode, resulting in a suicide


  • Now on by default across core multiplayer and Ground War. Enemy firing does not show up on the mini-map unless a team UAV is active
  • Map zoom is pulled out a bit to help with player awareness


  • VTOL Jet adjusted to not target players though rooftops
  • Fix for the Juggernaut Suit not spawning out of a crate. Another fix was deployed to prevent the mask from staying on the player after you have died as the Juggernaut and respawned
  • After using the Cruise Missile, player character models were sometimes stuck in a lean after using the streak

Munitions Box

  • Activated by using a prompt instead of proximity
  • Reduced the explosion radius of the box

Trophy System

  • Applied the Snapshot effect to the owner of any Snapshot grenades

Recon Drone

  • All players in vehicles are now markable


  • Crouch and prone transition animations have been smoothed out for high FPS
  • ADS Sensitivity options can now be saved when using KBM
  • Double-tapping the sticks now always triggers the Tactical Sprint when using a gamepad on PC
  • Fixed blurriness in various situations
  • Ping widget is now showing the correct latency value
  • Added depth of field option in the Graphics options
  • Added HDR support
  • Added NVIDIA Highlight support in MP
  • Global performance improvements and stability fixes
  • ADS transition animations have been smoothed out for high FPS
  • Adjusted stand-to-prone timing for KBM versus gamepads
  • Player no longer loses sprint functionality by holding down sprint keybind and the move keybind while respawning
  • FOV Slider setting reverting to default after loading into the map.