PC-Update 1.2.0 für Crysis Remastered

Weitere Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Crytek und Saber Interactive haben für die PC-Version von "Crysis Remastered" das Update 1.2.0 veröffentlicht, das weitere Verbesserungen, Optimierungen und Bugfixes enthält (siehe Changelog).

Additions and Improvements

  • Improvements made to all difficulty levels.
  • Improved AI behavior in order to provide a more challenging experience to players.
  • Added Nano Suit classic controls to gamepad.
  • Added advanced sensitivity settings for PC.
  • Added mouse sensitivity for vehicle controls.


  • Reduced ray tracing artifacts from bright, emissive objects.
  • Enable volumetric scattering for High and Higher presets.
  • Optimized ray tracing CPU side processing.
  • General CPU improvements made. More changes will come in upcoming Patches.
  • Improved low glossiness ray-tracing support

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when leaning with character.
  • Fixed an issue where the action map could reset to default.
  • Fixed issues with melee attacks and power jumps using the Classic suit mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the hair color of Korean soldiers changed depending on camera position.
  • Fixed an issue with the post-process rotations on all entities.
  • Fixed single tap suit shortcut activation for melee
  • Fixed multiple issues with HDR.
  • Fixed an issue where shadows could flicker.
  • Fixed a bug where Crouch and ADS did not work the same as Sprint (Holding Shift - Sprint is on hold, but when tapping the key it is on toggle.)
  • Fixed blending issues between shadow cascades.
  • Fixed issues with objects/water collision particles.
  • Fixed an issue where using Alt + Tab during full-screen mode reset resolution to the desktop’s default resolution.

Known issues

  • Using ESET antivirus while playing Crysis Remastered can cause a memory leak ultimately resulting in a crash. Disabling the AV while playing the game is a possible workaround. (Please do it at your own risk!)
  • Pressing Alt + Tab may cause lag.
  • The game may crash at loading when Windows username is set to Persian language. (Contact - Island).
  • VFX for Korean truck explosions are missing.
  • Using Borderless Display mode locks the game to the Display's refresh rate.