Erster Trailer zu Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

So sieht die Voxel-Grafik aus

News Video Michael Sosinka

D3 Publisher hat einen ersten Trailer zum Spin-Off "Earth Defense Force: World Brothers" veröffentlicht, das auf eine Voxel-Grafik setzt. Das Actionspiel soll zumindest in Japan im Jahr 2020 für die PlayStation 4 und die Nintendo Switch erscheinen.

Features von Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

  • A Voxel World Earth Defense Force: While the Earth Defense Force series has been photo-realistic until now, this voxel world is a bold new frontier for the series. If you are someone who gets disgusted by huge, realistic insects, or someone who may not be good with brutal depictions, this game will allow you to experience an Earth Defense Force in which you can wipe out swarms of huge enemies.
  • Create Your Own Earth Defense Force Unit: The soldiers of the Earth Defense Force are fighting alone in the various countries of the shattered world. By rescuing and assembling those soldiers, you can create your very own Earth Defense Force unit. For each mission, you can form and dispatch a team of four soldiers. While alternating between the soldiers in your unit, use each soldier’s special abilities to break through various different battle situations.
  • Earth Defense Force Soldiers from Previous Titles Assemble as Characters: Soldiers from the original Earth Defense Force (Monster Attack) up until Earth Defense Force 5, as well as army branches and characters from spin-off titles, will reappear as voxel soldiers. Many soldiers, weapons, and arms from previous games are included. It will be nostalgic to fans of the series, as well a solid entry point for newcomers, welcoming a wide range of players.
  • Enemies from Previous Titles Also Appear: In addition to soldiers, the invaders that have previously terrorized Earth will also appear. Their voxel designs and the hugeness that accompanies them are a must-see.