Day-One-Update für Evil Genius 2

Changelog mit allen Details

News Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler Rebellion hat bestätigt, dass "Evil Genius 2: World Domination" ein Day-One-Update mit vielen Verbesserungen erhalten wird (siehe Changelog). "Evil Genius 2: World Domination" wird am 30. März 2021 für den PC erscheinen.



  • Crash fixes and stability improvements
  • Improved Shadow quality
  • General balance adjustments
  • Super Agents, Crime Lords, and Narrative Characters will arrive at the Lair more reliably
  • Super Agents and Narrative Antagonists appear on the World Map more reliably
  • Incinerator queuing functions as intended: No more pile-ups of Body Bags!
  • Event Log notifications correctly clear once Deserting minions have left the Lair
  • Event Log notifications reduced when many minions enter combat
  • A number of Scheme costs have been rebalance
  • Various text, localisation, and icon improvements
  • Objectives correctly reward the full Gold amount listed if there is sufficient space in the player’s Vault
  • Characters now disembark the Cruise Ship more elegantly when arriving at the “Caine Key” island Lair
  • Captives can be interrogated on the same Trap multiple times
  • Minions will correctly stow weapons before Interrogating characters on Traps
  • Updated Doomsday Cavern entrances to be visible from higher floors
  • Audio added for Geniuses using their Inner Sanctum items, mocking captives
  • Dialogue volume adjustments during narrative scenes
  • Updated Island preview images in the Lair Selection screen
  • Narrative Characters will no longer duplicate in unusual circumstances
  • Heat increases significantly more slowly when playing a campaign on the “Easy” difficulty setting
  • Completed Objectives now display in reverse-chronological order
  • Improved gamepad support
  • HUD is correctly displayed on Nvidia Surround and AMD Eyefinity multi-display setups
  • Narrative Characters cannot be prematurely executed

Evil Genius Campaigns

  • Emma’s Spiderbot completes Executions more reliably
  • Ivan’s campaign objective, “Rumour Has It” updated to provide greater player freedom
  • Narrative dialogue will no longer repeat during Maximilian’s “War on Krast” Objective
  • During Zalika’s “Perfect Pitch” Objective, the Objective will correctly track if you have already built the V.O.I.D. Prototype item
  • During Zalika’s campaign Objective “Perfect Pitch”, Investors can leave the Lair without impacting progress

Side Stories

  • Side Stories can no longer be started before unlocking any advanced minion types they require
  • Crime Lords are reliably converted to full Henchmen upon completion of their Side Story
  • The Declaration of Independence cannot be prematurely reclaimed by the Forces of Justice during the “Fool’s Gold” Side Story
  • Wrecking Bola destroys items in the Lair more reliably
  • Scheme “Made from Sternum Stuff” correctly despawns after completing the Side Story “Them Bones”
  • IRIS’ combat VFX now correctly fade when combat has completed
  • During the “North by North” Objective, Jubei will no longer enter a homicidal rage and start murdering innocent Tourists

Sandbox Mode

  • Tourists spawn in Sandbox mode at the correct rate
  • Security Desks and Cameras are now unlocked in Sandbox Mode