Update für Fallout 4 VR verfügbar

Zunächst als Beta-Version

News Michael Sosinka

Bethesda hat das Update für "Fallout 4 VR" über Steam veröffentlicht, vorerst aber nur als Beta-Version. Wann der reguläre Release erfolgen wird, ist noch nicht bekannt. Mit an Bord sind diverse Verbesserungen und Bugfixes, wobei der Changelog die Details liefert.


Fallout 4 VR - Beta-Update

New Features

  • Added the following options to VR Settings:
    • Adjust overall world scale to improve issues relating to height
    • Invert Pip-Boy map scrolling
    • Minimal Power Armor HUD
    • Fixed Pip-Boy Size”
  • Added various performance and quality options. Some options will require a game restart.

Bug Fixes

  • Scope support has been added
  • Improved V.A.T.S. targeting
  • Fixed crash occurring when transferring lots of items (e.g. “Transfer Junk” in Workshop)
  • Fixed rendering issues with stars and other sky objects
  • Fixed rendering issues that resulted in flickering lighting
  • Fixed rendering issue with the SteamVR controller models
  • Fixed notes sometimes having invisible text or being upside down
  • Fixed rendering issue with blurry hands and weapons when moving in Direct Movement mode
  • Fixed precipitation occlusion
  • Adjusted Pip-Boy and Power Armor HUD visuals
  • Menus that pause the game will no longer move with the HMD
  • Fixed issue with scrolling through crafting requirements when there were more than 5 requirements
  • Fixed an issue where log Holotapes wouldn’t play in Projected Pip-Boy mode
  • Fixed Pip-Boy and HUD color settings not saving after restart
  • Fixed the Blitz perk sometimes putting the player in unintended locations
  • Fixed the orientation of the player model when using the Barber or Facial Reconstruction NPCs.
  • Fixed the player occasionally not being in the right location when starting a new game
  • Fixed occasional crash fix when saving and loading
  • Fixed compass orientation while in Power Armor
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements