Fire Pro Wrestling World verlässt PC-Early-Access

PS4-Version in voller Entwicklung

News Michael Sosinka

Da die PC-Version von "Fire Pro Wrestling World" regulär erschienen ist, kümmert sich Spike Chunsoft verstärkt um die PS4-Fassung.


Spike Chunsoft hat bekannt gegeben, dass die PC-Version von "Fire Pro Wrestling World" den Early-Access verlassen hat und nun regulär erhältlich ist. Passend dazu wurde ein neues Update (siehe Changelog) veröffentlicht. Wie die Macher bestätigt haben, ist jetzt die PS4-Umsetzung mit voller Kraft in der Entwicklung. Demnächst soll es weitere Informationen dazu geben.


  • Fixed bug in Leagues/Tournaments where victory/loss would sometimes not register properly.
  • Fixed bug in Leagues where result screen would show the winning wrestler with the name “No Entry” and fail to display their graphic.
  • Fixed bug in League Mode where the correct wrestlers would sometimes not proceed to the finals.
  • Fixed bug in League Mode where, in a title match, the challenger would sometimes not receive the belt if they won.
  • Fixed bug in League Mode where sometimes the winner of a finals match would not be recorded, forcing you to replay the match.
  • Fixed bug in League Mode where sometimes a finals block would repeat until a wrestler beat everyone else consecutively.
  • League matches now proceed in a more even distribution between wrestlers. (Previously, there was a tendency for a single wrestler to perform all their matches before other wrestlers.)

Edit Mode

  • Added “Overwrite” option to Edit Wrestler load menu.
  • Face part scale arrows now scale at 1% per click. (Previously 2%.)
  • Added 2 more Priority Attack slots to CPU logic. (12 total)
  • Fixed bug preventing certain renamed moves from displaying properly.


  • Added support for four player matches.


  • Match-specific Match Evaluation criteria implemented for Deathmatches, SWA Rules Match and S-1 Rules Match.