Hyper Team Recon angekündigt

3D-Plattformer für Current- & Next-Gen-Systeme

News Video Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Top Hat Studios und der Entwickler Nathan Burton haben den 3D-Plattformer "Hyper Team Recon" angekündigt, der von drei Aliens handelt, die ein Abenteuer auf der Erde erleben. Der Titel wird im Jahr 2022 für PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X und PlayStation 5 erscheinen.

Features von Hyper Team Recon

  • Transform into anyone you meet - As a shapeshifting alien, morph into friends and foes alike to copy their forms and gain unique abilities to use with them!
  • Mechanics - From platforming, to puzzles, to combat, use the morphing mechanic to gain new abilities to help you in each of these fields!
  • Travel the world - As the girls travel across the planet, jump, solve, and fight through various platforming challenges, puzzles and combat encounters in a variety of locations!
  • Collectables - Pick up foil scattered throughought the levels in order to fill out your scrapbook, as well as break open objects for even more foil! Be on the lookout for rarer collectables too, such as the souviners hidden throughout each level!
  • Charming visuals - Cutesy paper inspired visuals during gameplay are paired up with expressive, animated anime-style models of the charaters during visual novel-style cutscenes to add a further level of charm and character to the game's world and storytelling!
  • Lively cast - Meet all sorts of cute and colourful characters on your journey across Earth, each with their own forms and abilities to copy!
  • Inviting gameplay - Forgiving, easy to learn controls and gameplay allows anyone to feel welcome in the world of Hyper Team Recon as they settle in at their own pace!
  • Unlockable extras - Complete optional goals or spend foil to fill out your scrapbook to unlock different outfits for the alien trio, as well as special scenes to watch!
  • Replayability - Replay old levels and push your abilities to their limits to find hidden routes and collectables to clear optional objectives!