Indivisible bekommt New Game Plus & Couch-Coop

Update erscheint morgen

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher 505 Games und der Entwickler Lab Zero Games werden am 2. April 2020 ein kostenloses Update für das Action-Rollenspiel "Indivisible" veröffentlichen, da auf allen Plattformen "New Game Plus" und Couch-Coop-Modi hinzufügt.


New Game+

  • New Game+ let’s you replay Indivisible with abilities, weapons, and incarnations acquired in your previously completed game. Right from the start, you’ll be able to access secret areas and take shortcuts that require advanced abilities. You’ll also have your full roster of friends fighting alongside you, because everyone should get the chance to help smash Lord Ravannavar’s face in!
  • Don’t think it’s going to be easy! We’ve made all the enemies tougher and added a number of twists along the way to keep you on your toes.
  • Oh, Ajna also has a brand new look inspired by the finale of the game.
  • If you’ve previously completed the game, we will try to automatically detect your progress and add a “Game Clear / New Game+” button to your save game files. Some players may need to complete the final challenge of the game one more time. We’ve added a bonus track to the end credits by Indivisible composer Hiroki Kikuta as a reward! It’s a preview of the OST PLUS album that will include demos, outtakes, alternate versions, and ‘inspired by’ tracks from the Indivisible soundtrack that is being released by Scarlet Moon Records on April 21st.

Couch Co-Op

  • Couch Co-Op allows you to play Indivisible with up to three additional local players! Plug in extra controllers and jump in and out of the game any time you aren’t in combat. Your friends will be able to run alongside Ajna (always Player 1) and use basic jumps to keep up while exploring. Additional players don’t have Ajna’s leaping and axe hang skills, but that’s okay. When they fall behind, they’ll be able to instantly teleport to Ajna’s position.
  • Once a fight starts, each player is in control of their incarnation and all of their attacks! There’s no fun like beating up on a Pindayar with your besties!
  • Look for the update across all platforms beginning on April 2nd.

How to Start New Game+

  • After downloading the update, if you’ve previously completed Indivisible, look for the “Game Clear” button. Press it and get started!
  • If it does not appear, you will need to complete the final challenge of the game and watch the credits, even if you previously completed the game.
  • When prompted. Save your game into one of the save slots.
  • The next time you open the Load Game menu, you’ll see a new button appear in the save slot.
  • Press the button!
  • You’re good to go! Have fun exploring with New Game+!

How to Start a Couch Co-Op Game

  • Plug in up to three extra controllers.
  • Press an attack button.
  • Done! Go have co-op fun!