Day-One-Update für Mortal Shell

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News Michael Sosinka

Das Action-Rollenspiel "Mortal Shell", das am 18. August 2020 für PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One und PlayStation 4 erscheinen wird, bekommt ein Day-One-Update auf die Version 1.01. Im Changelog stehen die Details.


Day One Mortal Shell Update Release Notes PC/PS4/XO

  • Fix for The Player is able to kill Tarsus instantly with the Second Special attack of Martyr’s Blade.
  • Fixed a bug with dark father where if you approached him with solomon or foundling when delivering the final gland you’d be stuck with a gland forever and you’d be sad and message the developers why you have much gland.
  • Removed the “Gland_Stew” Inscription entry from Compendium
  • Fixed a crash rarely occurring during last boss fight.
  • Inside the Fast Travel Menu, images of the locked locations are now blurred
  • Updated max lock on range to 2200 for most enemies, 10000 for dark father
  • Fixed shell position in fallgrim
  • Updated Cathedral lighting
  • Changing the logic that hides/shows the Usable Weapons when their visibility gets updated: now instead of immediately setting the Static Mesh visibility the weapon gets dissolved by using the Scalar Parameter “Amount” and with a Timeline
  • Audio and VO updates and improvements
  • Balancing updates and improvements
  • Updated end credits
  • Minor update to game logo in title screen and main menu
  • Several Bug fixes and optimisations