Picross S5 angekündigt

In Kürze für Switch

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Jupiter hat das Puzzle-Game "Picross S5" angekündigt, das bereits am 26. November 2020 als Download für die Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Ein erster Trailer ist auch zu sehen. Natürlich darf man sich wieder auf zahlreiche neue Puzzles freuen.

New Puzzles in All Four Picross Modes & Extra Content

  • There are a total of 300 Picross and Mega Picross puzzles, 150 Clip Picross piece puzzles, 30 Color Picross puzzles, and five Extra puzzles, a grand total of 485 puzzles! Link play data from Picross S, Picross S2, and Picross S3 to unlock the third Extra puzzle. Without play data, puzzles remain locked and unplayable.

Check Your Total Time Records

  • The time taken to complete all puzzles in each mode, and the total time taken to complete all the puzzles, will now be displayed.
  • The total time will be shown only when you finish all the puzzles.

High Contrast Colors

  • The option to switch to colors that are easier to tell apart in Color Picross puzzles has been added.
  • Confusing coloring will no longer detract from the pleasure of puzzle-solving!