Update 2.14 für Predator: Hunting Grounds veröffentlicht

Neuer Predator als DLC & Custom-Private-Matches

News Michael Sosinka

Illfonic hat das Update 2.14 für "Predator: Hunting Grounds" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem auch einen kostenpflichtigen DLC mit einem neuen Predator enthält. Kostenlos sind hingegen die Custom-Private-Matches, der B34S-T-Raketenwerfer (ab Level 24), neue Predator-Masken und mehr. Der Changelog hat die Details.


Paid DLC

  • New playable Predator - Valkyrie
  • Early Access to the new Predator weapon - Norse Hammer

Free Update

  • Custom Private Matches are now available!
  • B34S-T Rocket Launcher is now available at Level 24
  • New Unlockable Predator masks available
    • Wretch
    • Haze
    • Rival


  • Fixed an issue where the host would always be chosen as predator in private matches when everyone selects the team “?”
  • Added an option to disable the HUD while in game via the options menu (Video)
  • Fixed an exploit spot in Overgrowth
  • Reduced amount of the dead AI bodies that persist on the map (dependant on quality settings and platform)



  • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members were unable to spot Veritanium
  • Cycling through gear will now skip the gear that no longer has any uses left
  • Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes be unable to sprint with their knife out if both their primary and secondary weapons were empty
  • Fixed an issue where Reinforcements would appear to be available when there are no uses left
  • Fixed an issue where the Overseer specialization would sometimes cause downed Fireteam members to incorrectly exit the downed state
  • Fixed an issue where the O.W.L.F. Operative head would stretch across the map when quick claimed by the Predator


Plasma Rifle Prototype

  • Added 3 new shaders for the Plasma Rifle Prototype: Schism, Breakdown, Force
  • Fixed an issue where the 6x scope would sometimes disappear while ADSing
  • Fixed an issue where the Plasma Rifle Prototype’s force feedback was not always working

B34S-T Rocket Launcher

  • Fixed an issue where the 6x scope rangefinder numbers are sideways while ADSing with the B34S-T Rocket Launcher

O.W.L.F. Pit Bull

  • Fixed an issue where the magazine was not being removed during the reload animation


Field Medic

  • Reduced the amount of health that the specialization Field Medic provides to revived players



  • Increased armor of all Predators
  • Fixed an issue where activating ADS was not overriding melee attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the Predator would sometimes lose input if the player claims while sprinting
  • Fixed an issue where skin patterns for the Elder Predator were only applying to the head
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Samurai mask shader “Azure” would cause warpaints to not apply
  • Fixed an issue with the Vanadium shader not applying properly to the Immortal mask


Battle Axe

  • Added a bleed effect to the alternative attack


  • Fixed an issue where throwing the Combistick while crouched would cause two Combisticks to appear

Net Gun

  • Fixed an issue where the Net Gun could cause a Fireteam member to be unable to break out of their own net if they are netted the moment they are reinforced


Bear Trap

  • Fixed an issue where the Bear Trap would not disappear after being disarmed if the Bear Trap downs the player



  • Fixed an issue where the Trapper perk would only apply to the first time you net a Fireteam player

Custom Private Matches

  • Custom Private Matches are now available! Select the “Modifiers” button while in the Private Match menu to access the new options for Private Matches (Hunt and Clash).