Demo zu Seven: The Days Long Gone verfügbar

Update 1.07 ebenfalls veröffentlicht

News Michael Sosinka

Für das Rollenspiel "Seven: The Days Long Gone" stehen das umfangreiche Update 1.07 sowie eine Demo zum Download bereit.


Fool's Theory und IMGN.PRO haben eine Demo zum isometrischen 3D-Rollenspiel "Seven: The Days Long Gone" veröffentlicht (Steam und GOG). Sie enthält den kompletten Prolog, weswegen man die wichtigsten Gameplay-Aspekte erleben kann. Zudem wurde das Update 1.07 ins Netz gestelt, das sich um zahlreiche Fehler kümmert und verschiedene Anpassungen vornimmt, die auf dem Feedback der Spieler basieren.

Update 1.07 - Seven: The Days Long Gone


  • Due to implementing a fix for input-related issues happening on non-qwerty keyboards, all players using such keyboards will have to reset their control bindings to default ones. After doing this, they shouldn't need to re-bind basic game controls anymore. The 'Restore defaults' option can be found at the bottom of 'Key bindings' menu (Options -> Controls -> Keyboard & mouse -> Key bindings).


  • NEW: Officers system introduced for disguises.
  • NEW: An option to disable opportunity attack prompts added.
  • NEW: Hit reacts adjusted to the weapon speed.
  • NEW: Sporeox dashes added with new hit reacts.
  • NEW: New combat behaviour for humans added.
  • NEW: Skills and upgrades icons new unique colours introduced.
  • NEW: Stab animation for humans.
  • NEW: Dashes ability added for NPCs for ranged combat.
  • NEW: Guards will now attempt to wake up unconscious NPCs.
  • NEW: Icons for NPC's "warned" indicators added.
  • NEW: Skills Panel - added skills branches background, moved nectar bar.
  • NEW: Option that allows to enable/disable/reset in-game tutorials. It can be found in Menu -> Options -> Game..
  • NEW: If tutorials are enabled, each tutorial will be shown only once. So loading a game from before the tutorial was shown, won't show the same tutorial again. Shown tutorials can be reset via Menu -> Options -> Game -> Reset tutorials option.
  • FIX: Possible crash on rebinding keys removed.
  • FIX: Sense mode no longer displayed in menu or panels.
  • FIX: MDD now apply the proper effect.
  • FIX: Drop-kill no longer possible on monsters in a hidden state, such as ghouls and carrion wurms.
  • FIX: Crouching directional movement replaced with forwarding motion.
  • FIX: Checking dead bodies by guards tweaked.
  • FIX: Drinks will now heal or hurt health, depending on their functionality.
  • FIX: Reactions for facing target and combat, alarmed state tweaked for NPCs.
  • FIX: Savaash fight in game finale received improved behaviour.
  • FIX: Cloned visa status lasts for 10 minutes now.
  • FIX: Guards reaction to noise improved - they will now investigate the noise location and around it, search the bushes.
  • FIX: Alarmed icons above heads of NPCs will now display correctly in response to player's actions.
  • FIX: Guards will no longer hear player's footsteps from another floor.
  • FIX: Crossbow reload animation will now last longer.
  • FIX: Increased energy cost of special attacks.
  • FIX: After fist drop-kill, it is possible to pickpocket unconscious NPC.
  • FIX: Regenerating energy stations will now apply a boost to energy regeneration instead of regenerating it upon clicking.
  • FIX: EMP Skill cost applied properly.
  • FIX: Shooting will no longer cancel aiming.
  • FIX: Small cooldown on throwing rock added.
  • FIX: Crossbow reload animation can be cancelled by rolling, but only while aiming.
  • FIX: NPCs will reset their disturbance level properly now and will no longer remain falsely hostile.
  • FIX: Properly end interaction when radial menu is closed by clicking in the middle section of the wheel.
  • FIX: Removed bug allowing players to be immortal while using dialogues.
  • FIX: Log displaying quest rewards will be now visible after dialogues and cutscenes, not during them, which will make it easier to understand what exact reward was granted.
  • FIX: No more sinking in the surface after high landing.
  • FIX: NPCs snapping to terrain after loading the tweaked game.
  • FIX: Crouch will now remain after climbing and jumping.


  • FIX: Emeline Selar for her quest is no longer missing after completing jobs for Elias.
  • FIX: Artanak will no longer introduce Our Saviour's Temple every time player reaches it.
  • FIX: Merchant hunter will speak his lines correctly now.
  • FIX: Drax wife has a proper dialogue now.
  • FIX: Fixed choice for killing or sparing Drax.
  • FIX: Strain of energy no longer disappears falsely in the 4th ritual in 'The Monolithic Mission'.
  • FIX: Cloyt after beating him in drinking contest has now proper lines to speak.
  • FIX: 'All Aflutter' hunters will no longer falsely assume one of them is dead if he is not.
  • FIX: It is no longer possible to vaccinate every bandelisk in Peh.
  • FIX: Secret stash from Mortbane will now be placed properly.
  • FIX: Tesla towers no longer active after deactivating them and loading game.
  • FIX: It is no longer obligatory to carry all components at once required for 'DIY' quest.
  • FIX: Switch for the camera has now proper minigame type in Facility in Giant's Graveyard.
  • FIX: Priest in marketplace moved aside from overlapping Newsboy.
  • FIX: Sum up dialogue after escaping Repositirum will no longer play on black screen if player fast travels.
  • FIX: Mistakes removed from Item Descriptions in EN version.
  • FIX: Community in Lewmer Bar tweaked.
  • FIX: The Falling guide in 'Memory Lane' will now be killed properly.
  • FIX: 'A Great Honour' mappings set correctly for saves.
  • FIX: Journal progression in 'Gold Rush' quest fixed.


  • NEW: Additional loading screens.
  • NEW: Added controls labels for basic actions.
  • NEW: Radial manu icons updated.
  • FIX: Icons resized in the radial menu.
  • FIX: Keybind for radial icons added.
  • FIX: Menu buttons text and menu title is centred.
  • FIX: Status icons no longer overlap journal objectives.
  • FIX: Transactions grids values added in Barter Panel.
  • FIX: Issue with not being able to use specific features on non-qwerty keyboards is no more.
  • FIX: Display result crafting component quantity added to Dismantle Panel.
  • FIX: Display single item price, instead of stack, added to Barter Panel.
  • FIX: Item tooltip displays weight, price & crafting components for a single item instead of for stack.
  • FIX: Compare Tooltip - Weapon ID fixed.
  • FIX: Looting - grid and list size changed, tooltip behaviour changed, resolution scaling fixed.
  • FIX: Items Upgrade Panel - current item tooltip update fixed.