The Night is Grey angekündigt

Klassisches Point-&-Click-Adventure für PC & Switch

News Video Michael Sosinka

"The Night is Grey" ist ein klassisches Point-&-Click-Adventure vom unabhängigen Studio Whalestork Interactive, das jetzt angekündigt wurde. Es soll im dritten Quartal 2021 zunächst für den PC (Steam) und später auch für die Nintendo Switch erscheinen. Ein erster Trailer liefert Impressionen.

Features von The Night is Grey

  • TRADITIONAL FRAME BY FRAME CHARACTER ANIMATION: 12 frames per second animation of hand drawn original characters.
  • DIGITALLY PAINTED ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS: Over 50 different locations with fully animated panoramic backgrounds.
  • FULLY ORIGINAL AND ORCHESTRATED MUSIC SCORE: Original music score recorded in studio with real instruments.
  • A COMEBACK FOR POINT & CLICK ADVENTURE GAMES: A cinematic thriller told through the classic perspective of point & click adventure games with puzzles solved through creativity and the exploration of sceneries and characters.
  • FOCUS ON ENGAGING STORYTELLING: A modern approach to a vintage game style with well written character dialogues and a plot filled with unexpected twists.