Erstes von drei Content-Updates für Windbound veröffentlicht

Mit Witch-Skin sowie Foto- & Endlos-Modus

News Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Deep Silver und der Entwickler 5 Lives Studios haben heute das erste von insgesamt drei Content-Updates für das Open-World-Survival-Adventure-RPG "Windbound" veröffentlicht. Enthalten sind der neue "Witch"-Skin, der Karas Fähigkeiten verbessert, ein Fotomodus und der "Eternal Voyage"-Endlosmodus. Die beiden anderen Updates folgen in Q4 2020 und Q1 2021.


Content Update #1 (October 30, 2020)

  • The first content update will launch today and features the new Witch Skin that enhances Kara’s abilities. The Witch Skin content releases alongside the all new Photo and Endless modes.
  • The Witch Skin is composed of three new items for Kara to equip. The Witch’s Hat (potions last longer), the Witch’s Outfit (wear to respawn nearby after death), and the Witch’s Staff (an unbreakable staff that releases homing fireballs with each melee strike).
  • The first of the new modes is Photo mode, which allows the player to pause the game, adjust the camera and take a photo. Players can also change Kara’s pose and expression, time of day, and add filters.
  • The second mode is the “Eternal Voyage,” which offers players an endless play mode. Endless play mode adds tracking to the map screen and save file to indicate how many stages the player has managed to survive. With endless play the game does not finish with Chapter 5, but continues on with progressively (but not endlessly) larger levels that become more varied and dangerous as you progress.

Content Update #2 (Q4 2020)

  • The Q4 2020 update will include additional skins for Kara, Free-sailing mode and an upgraded Nautilus tower experience, and will introduce a number of new towers for players to explore with new challenges to complete.

Content Update #3 (Q1 2021)

  • The early Q1 2021 updates will further expand the Nautilus tower experience while introducing new enemy types, combat moves, and gameplay mechanics via a “corruption” system. Additional details to follow in Q1 2021.