Neues Update für Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 verfügbar

Infected: Final Stand, Pandemic-Modus & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

Treyarch hat ein neues Update für "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" veröffentlicht, wobei viele neue Inhalte wie "Infected: Final Stand" oder der "Pandemic"-Modus für 80 Spieler zuerst auf der PlayStation 4 verfügbar sind. Nachfolgend steht eine Übersicht bereit.


MULTIPLAYER – Infected: Final Stand, S6 Stingray Operator Mod Tuning, New Weapon Support, Daemon 3XB Mastercraft Fix, Featured Playlist Updates

  • Everyone’s favorite undead party game returns today on PS4 with an entirely new set of game-changing twists as the zombie apocalypse continues. In Infected: Final Stand, players start on designated teams of Survivors vs. Zombies. Survivors have one life but can be revived, while Zombies have a limited pool of lives as they hunt down the Survivors within the time limit.
  • Teams alternate each round, with victory going to the first team to win four rounds. Survivors win the round by surviving until the time limit, or by eliminating the Zombies team. Zombies win by eliminating all Survivors before the time limit. Work together, adopt new strategies, and keep moving if you want to win.
  • On the weapons front, we’ve added Create-a-Class support for the M16 tactical rifle and Havelina AA50 sniper rifle, made new tuning changes to the S6 Stingray’s Operator Mod, and addressed an issue where the Daemon 3XB “Imaginator” Mastercraft wasn’t leveling up properly – see the patch notes below for all the details. Featured Playlists also get an update today, bringing Infected: Final Stand and Endurance Chaos Moshpit to PS4, Chaos Domination and Endurance Chaos Moshpit to Xbox One, and Half-Off Heist and Endurance Chaos Moshpit to PC.

BLACKOUT – Pandemic LTM, Tactical Bike, Ray Gun MKII Variants, New Wall Buys and Easter Eggs

  • The infection spreads to Blackout in our new Pandemic limited-time mode, where up to 80 players compete to survive the apocalypse or join the ever-growing horde. At the start of the match, your squad will drop in and fight to stay alive against the competition... and if you’re eliminated, it’s time to get revenge as a flesh-eating zombie.
  • Zombie players have super speed, can jump higher, stay underwater longer, don’t take fall damage, track survivors’ footsteps, see pulses of enemies on the map, and hunt their prey with two Hell’s Retriever axes. Zombies respawn in waves every 15 seconds, and their ranks grow with every survivor eliminated. The result: an epic showdown in the final circle between the best-equipped survivors and dozens of super-charged zombies hunting them down at the end of the world.
  • The team has had an absolute blast designing and playtesting Pandemic, and we’re truly excited to bring the spirit of Infected to the biggest Call of Duty map in existence. Check it out this week on PS4 and let us know what you think.
  • The new Tactical Bike vehicle also makes its Blackout debut today, with support for a driver and an optional partner in the sidecar. Take one for a spin over to one of the Zombies-themed locations on the map, where we’ve added the chance to find three new Ray Gun MKII variants in Mystery Boxes, along with wall buy weapons in all Zombies locations to help you loot up. We’ve also created some new Zombies-inspired Easter Eggs for both Blackout maps... sorry, no spoilers.

ZOMBIES – “Duck and Cover” Gauntlet, Weapon Tuning, Ray Gun MKII in Aether Mystery Boxes, Gameplay Improvements, New Weapon Support

  • Take on 30 new rounds of challenges at Camp Edward in “Duck and Cover” on PS4, our new Zombies Gauntlet for “Alpha Omega” with new Nebulium Plasma and Calling Card rewards at rounds 10, 20, and 30. Think you can get a perfect run on your first try?
  • Aether story fans will now be able to find the Ray Gun MKII in Mystery Boxes on “Blood of the Dead” and “Classified”, and we’ve added penetration to standard Ray Gun MKII blasts to help you mow down the hordes more efficiently. This update also brings plenty of weapon tuning to Zombies, including significantly increased damage for the Reaver C86, Argus, and Locus, as well as a fix for a crash that could occur when Pack-a-Punching the Ballistic Knife with Dual Wield and either Clan Tag or Kill Counter equipped. We’ve also implemented gameplay improvements and fixes for “Alpha Omega”, “Blood of the Dead”, and the Blood Wolf Bite Perk. Read on below for the full list of patch notes to see what’s changed.

GLOBAL – New Contraband Rewards, Ultra Weapon Bribe, M16 and Havelina AA50, Improved Contract Rewards

  • New Contraband rewards have arrived on PS4, including an Ultra Weapon Bribe, new Epic Outfits, Gestures, Reactive Camo, Jump Pack, Calling Cards, and more. The classic burst-fire M16 tactical rifle and new Havelina AA50 sniper rifle are also now earnable via Ultra Weapon Bribes and Reserves, with an additional earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe planned for a special event later in this Operation.
  • We’ve also increased the Contract reward rate by guaranteeing at least one normal Contract with a Reserve Case reward in addition to the two Hard Contracts in Multiplayer, World League, and Blackout. In Zombies, players will always earn bonus Nebulium Plasma and XP from completing any normal Contracts that don’t already offer a Reserve Case and XP.

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