Prop Hunt jetzt in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 auf allen Plattformen verfügbar

Ambush-Modus kehrt zurück

News Michael Sosinka

Treyarch hat ein neues Update für "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" veröffentlicht, während der "Prop Hunt"-Modus ab sofort auf allen Plattformen verfügbar ist. Darüber hinaus wird für den "Blackout"-Part der beliebte "Ambush"-Modus zurückkehren (mit Anpassungen). Das wird später im Monat geschehen.


Prop Hunt Now Live on All Platforms

  • With today’s launch of Prop Hunt on Xbox One and PC, everyone’s favorite hide-and-seek mode is now live in the Featured category on all platforms. We’ve made some updates to Prop Hunt today, including new rotating loadouts for Hunters, improvements to Best Play at the end of the round, and additional stability fixes. The hunt is on!

Ambush is Coming Back to Blackout

  • It’s almost that time again, Blackout snipers. We’ve updated Ambush for Operation Spectre Rising, and it’s coming back to all platforms later this month with a new ruleset. Players will now have access to all Sniper Rifles (with the exception of the SDM) plus Shotguns and the Bowie Knife, and we’re removing Concussion Grenades, Cluster Grenades, ATVs, and ARAV vehicles to focus the action on pure gunplay this time around. Jump in, get some matches under your belt, and let us know what you think of the new revisions once it’s live.

Den kompletten Changelog für das aktuelle Update findet man bei Reddit.