Open-Beta zu Sea of Thieves geplant?

Dataminer entdeckt Hinweis

News Gerücht Michael Sosinka

Möglicherweise werden Microsoft und Rare eine Open-Beta zum Online-Piraten-Abenteuer "Sea of Thieves" veranstalten.


Über das jüngste Closed-Beta-Update zu "Sea of Thieves" hat der Dataminer "vJoeyz" einen Hinweis darauf entdeckt, dass Microsoft und Rare eine Open-Beta planen könnten. Darüber würden sich bestimmt viele Hobby-Piraten freuen. Was sonst noch in den Daten entdeckt wurde, seht ihr in der nachfolgenden Liste, die jedoch nicht frei von Spoilern ist.

Mögliche Details zu Sea of Thieves

  • New PirateGenerator customization options added: Dirt, eye color, eyebrows, facial hair, freckles, hair color, makeup, scars, skin color and tattoos.
  • Added more Kraken ShipWrappingTentacle AI behavior for the small and the large ship (KrakenShipWrappingTentacleHeavyAttack, KrakenShipWrappingTentacleShakeAttack, …)
  • More Kraken ‘shipgrab’-materials and textures added
  • A krakenpoisondrops visual effect
  • More “Hideout”-GameObjects and Blueprints* added (BPAnimatedSteps, BPStepsTrigger, PirateLegendCategory etc.) *Blueprints as in the visual scripting tool used in Unreal Engine
  • An Equipment Shopkeeper was added (where you can buy new spyglasses, pocket watches etc.) (replaces the ‘TrinketShop’)
  • Admiral-styled PocketWatch and spyglass
  • BilgeRat-styled PocketWatch and spyglass
  • Island and Ship Cosmetic-Chest added (this is probably where you can change the new beforementioned facial hair etc.)
  • More different skelly difficulty ranks added (AIProgression AccuracyGraphs)
  • Custom projectile impact effects when hitting the Kraken (for Cannonball, PistolShots and ShotSmall*) *These are probably the projectiles fired from the blunderbuss
  • Two Legendary Tavern NPC models added
  • More swimming-specific animations (tankard, showing treasure map for female_large etc.)
  • Pig cargo ‘eat’ and ‘eat hungry’ animations (implying you have to keep your animal-cargo fed)
  • Separate AI ProgressionController for skellies in forts
  • Order-of-Souls NPC ghost-outfit (for the NPC itself)
  • Artifacts and crates now have a glint light glow
  • Two new generic Shopkeeper models
  • A new (second) ship anchor model
  • Skelly ‘laugh’ and ‘fear’ sound effects
  • Something called the ‘Armory’-menu – contains images like: all.png, blunderbus.png, dagger.png, hammer.png, pistol.png, sniper.png, sword.png
  • References to OPEN BETA Order-of-Souls quests

Das Online-Piraten-Abenteuer "Sea of Thieves" wird am 20. März 2018 für den PC und die Xbox One erscheinen.