Kostenloser Infested Mines-DLC für Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition

Neue Map & Bugfixes

News Michael Sosinka

Die "Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition" wurde mit dem kostenlosen "Infested Mines"-DLC und einem Update versorgt.


Für die "Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition" wurde der kostenlose "Infested Mines"-DLC veröffentlicht. Das gilt für den PC. Die PlayStation 4 wird später versorgt. Enthalten ist eine neue Map, die in Solo-Missionen und im Koop gespielt werden kann. Darüber hinaus wurde ein Update ins Netz gestellt, das unter anderem Bugfixes liefert. Der Changelog hat die Details.


  • A whole new map "Infested Mines" playable in Special Missions, for both solo and multiplayer. Requires the free DLC activated.
  • A brand new Picture Mode is available.
  • In the game options, enable this Picture Mode to deactivate the game UI. You can also play without the game UI with this activated.
  • Server filter research now has a both option "-" (instead of just yes/no except for Password).


  • Limit to XP farming: no XP granted for players who didn't actually play the map in multiplayer.
  • Gamepad sprint system updated. The sprint is now a toggle when using a controller.
  • Added a possibility to cancel a psygate when calling it by using the same input.
  • Added flinches to Aberrant with distance weapons when hit.
  • NPC Terminators have better placement when they are close from doors.
  • NPC Terminators react better to move orders.
  • Various small AI improvements.
  • Re-enabling emissive fading on impact on High and Epic configurations on PC.
  • Explosive Genestealers' sounds are now spatialized correctly.
  • New Icon for the Psygate to separate it from the game objective.
  • Improve performance on the Special Missions Chapter 7.
  • Added Feedback when trying to buy an item without enough currency.

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to chat while you are in deathcam.
  • Fix rare crash related to culling.
  • Fix rare crash related to zoom custo equipment.
  • Fix Navigation issue on Chap 07 (campaign & Special Mission).
  • Rebuilt lights & corrected an outmap in chap7 Special Mission.
  • Improved navigation on Chap 06.
  • Fix collision of some walls on chapter’s 3 vision.
  • You can no longer block the geneseed door during the defend area on Chapter 5.
  • SM chap 05 lighting rebuild.
  • Inverting mouse's controls doesn't invert them on the order wheel.
  • Fixed some navigation issues where Genestealers were stuck in Chapter 02 .
  • Fixed fire sound in the Dark Angel chamber during the end game cinematic.
  • Fixed Assault cannon sound that continued to be played in some cases.
  • Fixed Switching from mouse to gamepad on custo menu can stuck the player.
  • Fixed some customization elements that were not displaying correctly after switching to another weapon.
  • Fixed Skull badges could appear on some weapons that were not meant to have them.
  • Improved textbox for current customization section larger for longer names.
  • Fixed stalker strain Genestealers when visible were not highlighted when zooming on them.
  • Energy selectors are correctly replicated to clients on lightning claws and power fists.
  • Dead cam visual issue when the player looked at is engaged in close combat.
  • Hybrids' objective markers in chap 7 is at now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed Stealers could spawn after the gaz was released on chapter 7.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could play two different classes of Terminators mixed together.
  • Improved Rewards of Valour opening is freezing the game for a short time.
  • Fixed Lightning claws sound was not spatialized.
  • Fixed Texture not streaming correctly in customization menu.
  • Fixed Caliban’s spear shots not being accounted for the guest in some rare cases.
  • Fixed purgatory sword keep altering its color after hovering the ultimate rune.
  • Fixed Lightning claws’s Fx are on the ground when in the armoury.
  • You can no longer be blocked behind objective’s doors that need to be locked in chapter 3, you will be teleported inside Pysgate if it happens.
  • Fixed Psygate timer warning can be displayed over the game if the player is killed inside the psygate
  • Fixed Purgatory's sword's ultimate rune's FX not visible in the armory.
  • Narthecium no longer display power fist FX in some cases.
  • Other players' runes become invisible when they are too close to you.
  • Scanning circle for hacking now works correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed Flamethrower that wasn’t able to destroy turrets.
  • All elements on Maegon’s body on chapter 3 are now localized properly.
  • Fixed Solo saves that could be loaded from SM missions.
  • Being kicked from psygate while in option menu no longer keeps cursor visible.
  • Locked state of doors is saved correctly in Campaign Chapter 7.
  • Ordering to attack a stealer in multiplayer no longer plays the "Lock door" audio order.
  • Improved chapter 7's navmesh.
  • Fixed the stats displayed for the Mace of Corswain mace's ultimate rune.
  • All perks affecting weapons stats have now their effect shown in weapon stat preview.
  • Fixed a blocking issue on the self-destruct Special Missions objectives if the host is dead.
  • Force sword no longer makes a strange noise when hitting a purity seal.
  • Fixed some situations in which an Aberrant could be stuck.
  • Fixed dead timers continuing to be displayed indefinitely in some situations.
  • Fixed servo-skulls (those on the maps, not the player’s capacity) not moving at all in some specific situations.
  • Fixed an issue in which player head might be malformed.