Neues Update für Terminator: Resistance

FOV-Slider & Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Reef Entertainment hat für den First-Person-Shooter "Terminator: Resistance" ein neues Update veröffentlicht, das unter anderem einen FOV-Slider hinzufügt und verschiedenen Verbesserungen vornimmt, zum Beispiel am Balancing und der KI (siehe Changelog).


Additional Languages

  • Adds Russian subtitles and text support
  • Adds Japanese subtitles and text support
  • Also adds Simplified Chinese subtitles and text support


  • General enemy AI Improvements and fixes
  • Enemies will behave differently based on difficulty selection
  • Improved general balance of difficulty levels.
  • Loot found will now differ depending on the difficulty
  • Weapon stats will differ between difficulties
  • General weapon stats have been slightly modified
  • Skill tree variables have been slightly modified
  • Rail plasma weapons (Snipers) now consume 5 ammo rounds per shot, instead of 1
  • TC16 plasma weapons (Semi-Auto rifles) now consume 2 ammo rounds per shot, instead of 1


  • FOV (Field of view) slider added to video options
  • FidelityFX (AMD) option added to video options (Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening and upscaling)
  • Immersion Upgrades – HUD modification options added. You can now enable/disable individual HUD elements to make the game more immersive
  • Improved support for Ultrawide resolutions
  • Level lighting & post-processing improvements
  • Chromatic aberration toggle added to video options
  • Other small graphics improvements and tweaks


  • Slightly improves player movement/locomotion


  • Adds Save backup system to help prevent data loss
  • Numerous crash fixes
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements