inFamous ist 10 Jahre alt

Entwickler-Fakten & Videos zum Geburtstag

News Video Michael Sosinka

Das Actionspiel "inFamous" ist vor 10 Jahren für die PlayStation 3 erschienen. Das feiert Sucker Punch mit einigen Entwickler-Fakten und Videos aus der frühen Produktion. Ursprünglich hiess "inFamous" zum Beispiel "True Hero".


Entwickler-Fakten zu inFamous

  • Originally the game was to be called True Hero, although Sucker Punch had many other names.
  • You could change between superhero and civilian clothes
  • You could customize buildings to revamp neighborhoods and make civilians happy
  • The protagonist was originally called Gearwolf
  • Characters spoke in a gibberish language and NPCs emoted
  • Light customization features, such as hairstyles and costumes, were to be included
  • The hero could use telekinetic powers to bring throwable objects to him, which he could then wield as weapons
  • There was going to be vehicle tricks such as motorcycle parkour
  • The dev team experimented with an ability to “skate” using an invisible energy shield
  • As a bonus, Zeke’s voice is still used as the Sucker Punch outgoing voicemail