Erscheint Elden Ring im April 2020?

Ein Insider-Gerücht

News Gerücht Michael Sosinka

Laut einem angeblichen Insider-Gerücht wird das Open-World-Game "Elden Ring" im April 2020 auf den Markt kommen.


Der Reddit-User "ExHanzo" will von einer Insider-Quelle erfahren haben, dass das Open-World-Game "Elden Ring", welches momentan von From Software entwickelt wird, im April 2020 für den PC, die Xbox One und die PlayStation 4 erscheinen wird. Erstes Gameplay soll auf den Game Awards 2019 im Dezember gezeigt werden. "ExHanzo" hat durchaus schon bewiesen, dass er Insider-Wissen hat, weswegen an seinen Infos etwas dran sein könnte. Ausserdem hat er Details zu "Elden Ring" enthüllt:

  • Most of the combat is built upon the foundation of Souls series.
  • The powers you get from the bosses are integrated to combos like the prosthetic in Sekiro but for all weapons.
  • Some of those can also be used in the open world to open new path much like in Zelda.
  • « FP » bar like is used and it is part of the new burn mechanic. Using these powers burns your arms until they become ashes. Your arms can also be cut by ennemies if burned to a certain degree. You can use mechanical arms as a weaker replacement.
  • Limbs are dropped by ennemies but only some can be used as replacement for your arm. Most of the others are rotten or already burned. They can also be offered to « covenants ».
  • Resting at specific « altar » fully recovers your arms.
  • Stealth-kills allow to recover a bit from the burns.
  • Specific skills like crouch, swim, dive, power stance, dash, crafting herbs, magic, dual wield, parry, deflect, climb, hiding in the environnement, faith, drain, roll, super armor, high jump, awareness, knowledge
  • Skill trees with different paths.
  • The skills attributed depend on your starting class. You obtain some skills during the game depending on your build by using skill points.
  • Your arms are a new « mechanic » as well.
  • There is a « hand » command.
  • You have to sheath your weapon to use the Hand command.
  • Grab and launch objects (interrupters, levers, rocks…), push rocks, inspect the walls and manually push blocks by using both the joystick and the grab command.
  • No indication to what you can or can’t grab/push. By that I mean no text when you stand in front of a lever to activate it.