Ori-Entwickler arbeiten an Action-RPG

Genre soll revolutioniert werden

News Michael Sosinka

Die Moon Studios ("Ori and the Will of the Wisps") entwickeln offensichtlich ein Action-Rollenspiel. Es soll das Genre revolutionieren.


Die Moon Studios, die man von "Ori and the Blind Forest" und "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" kennt, arbeiten laut einer Stellenanzeige für einen Senior-Game-Designer an einem Action-Rollenspiel, welches das Genre revolutionieren soll. Die Bewerber sollten "Diablo", "Zelda", "Dark Souls" und andere Spiele dieser Art mögen und sich damit auskennen.

Es heisst: "Die Moon Studios - die preisgekrönten Schöpfer von Ori and the Blind Forest und Ori and the Will of the Wisps - suchen Senior-Game-Designer. Nachdem wir mit der Ori-Serie das Metroidvania-Genre neu definiert haben, ist es unser nächstes Ziel, das ARPG-Genre zu revolutionieren."

Weitere Details

  • A Designer by heart: While playing games, you just intuitively know how to improve upon the weaker aspects of a title. You indulge in analyzing things that don’t quite work and love to think about how this or that aspect could have been perfected.
  • Experienced: You've worked in the industry before and know the ropes. You're looking for a no-bullshit studio to call home where you can voice your opinions and work with the best talent this industry has to offer!
  • Passionate: You’ve played and studied RPGs your whole life and you still can’t get enough of them. You have a love for all things Diablo, Zelda, Dark Souls and other games in the genre. You’d love the opportunity to work on an RPG that dares to innovate and go far beyond what the genre has offered players thus far.
  • Open to new challenges: We're constantly striving to raise the bar here at Moon Studios. We're not looking for specialists in one field or genre, we want you to be open to help wherever help is needed and be the well-rounded multi-talented creative genius you are.