Dark Souls 2

Patch 1.03 kommt am 11. April 2014

News Katja Wernicke

In den kommenden Tagen erscheint für das Action-Rollenspiel "Dark Souls 2" ein neuer Patch, welcher mehr als zwanzig Fehler im Spiel beheben soll. Dies gab Namco Bandai bekannt. Welche Änderungen auf euch warten, könnten ihr hier nachlesen.



  • Failing to create Multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items, such as White Soapstone.
  • Players now receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully assisting in a Multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity.
  • Starting boss fight with the Looking Glass Knight while summoning other players no longer cancels the summoning process.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some bloodstains, illusions, and messages from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where “Unable to participate in Multiplayer Session” could constantly appear.
  • Fixed some instances where the portrait of the person you were summoning was different than the actual character.
  • You will no longer be able to take off Covenant rings while being summoned.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some summoned players to fall through the ground at Earthen Peak.

Menü, Interface, Controlls

  • Optimized Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance.
  • Trophy icon for “Holder of the Fort” has been fixed.
  • Controller now vibrates when blocking an attack

**Weitere Fehlerbehebungen:*